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Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL                                                                                               2013-2015 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science GPA: 3.4

Notable courses: Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Object Oriented Design, Principles of Software Engineering, Applied Database Systems

Broward College- Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                                                                                2011-2013 Associate in Arts degree


  • Designed a simple library database system using classes, polymorphism.
  • Implemented insertion-sort, merge-sort and selection sort algorithms in C++
  • Understanding of linked lists and other data structures though example projects
  • Implemented a binary search tree in C++
  • Implemented a binary-encoded image manipulator using Motorola 68000 assembly language
  • Created a basic shopping website using HTML. javaScript, and PHP
  • Created a process queue simulator in C++
  • Created a prototype drop/add class system using MYSQL, HTML
  • Aided in develop of senior aid Andriod app, exploring entire development process with SCRUM.
    I managed research of falling deception algorithms and implementation, and senior usability research.
  • Created shopping cart application in Java demonstration design patterns and OOD.  I managed Oracle SQL tables, PLSQL Stored Procedures and Trigger, and JDBC implementation into the program, along with SWING UI design and UML modeling throughout the project.



  • Programming Languages: C++, C#, Java, Motorola 68000 assembly language
  • Database Techniques: SQL, PL-SQL
  • Web: Html, Javascript, PHP (prior experience)
  • Development Tools: MS Visual Studio, NetBeans, Oracle SQLDeveloper, GitHub
  • Game Development tools: Unity, Hammer editor, Unreal editor, RPG editor.
  • Exposure to Object Oriented Design, UML, and development with SCRUM methodology
  • Photoshop CS5 Certified.


  • Grant from Fort Lauderdale High School for volunteer tech support throughout career (2011)
  • Inducted to Upsilon Pi Epsilon International Computer Science Honor Society    (Top 10% of class 2014)


Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL                                                                                           October 2013 – April 2015    

  • Lab Assistant (Work Study)
    • Aid students in Microsoft Office and Adobe products, computer troubleshooting


Kmart – Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                                                                                                   August 2013 – April 2013

  • myGopher store associate
    • Organized online orders for in-store pick up,aided in shipping and receiving, inventory..
    • Customer service and register experience


  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms: Sorting algorithms, analysis of algorithm running times
  • Data Structures: working with linked list stacks, decks, queues, made from in C++
  • Object Oriented Design: Use cases, UML, OOD principles, design patterns.
  • Principles of Software Engineering: Software Life-cycle Models, project with development stages.
  • Intro to Database Systems: SQL, Embedded SQL, PL-SQL Procedures.
  • Logic Design: basic computer logic, gates, flip-flops decoders.
  • Microprocessor Systems: Assembly language of the Motorola 68000 microprocessor.
  • Internet Computing: HTML, DOM, Javascript, PHP.
  • Public Speaking: Presentation skills, small and large groups.
  • Applied Database: Oracle 11g, java ee, web programming with SQL.
  • Computer Operating Systems: structure of an OS, scheduling schemes, semaphores
  • Computer Animation: Basics of animation, 2D and 3D, storyboarding, character development.
  • Foundations of Computer Science: basics in C++, working with classes, inheritance.


Louis Bradley
Florida Atlantic University
CEECS Department
E-mail: lbradle6@fau.edu

Eric Myers (Adjunct at Broward College)
Law Offices of Eric M. Myers., JD, MBA
Phone: 954-35-3931
E-mail: emyers@broward.edu
 Google Drive .docx file here

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